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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello everyone, we hope you are all keeping well. Miss Brosnan and Mrs Dorrington have been busy looking after some children at school this week. We have been getting very creative and making sure we are all happy! We are enjoying taking part in the Joe Wicks work out every morning.....we have lots of space in the hall! 

We miss you all very much! 

Hope the lesson ideas below are useful.


kind regards,

Heron adults xxx

Each weekday we would recommend:  (in whatever order works for your family!)

  • 20-30mins of exercise
  • 20-30mins of phonics read write inc
  • 15mins of handwriting practise/key word practise
  • 15mins reading books
  • 2x 30-45min sessions of the suggested activities e.g purple mash, maths, home exercise book task, arts & crafts

with breaks between each activity session

also make sure you allow time for free play and family time such as going out into the garden or for a short walk :)


Remember to be flexible with home learning, this is a big change for the children and for you.  

Many of you are also expected to be working from home too, so do what works for you and your family.


Home Learning - Week beginning 30th March

** New tasks have been set on Purple mash ** - Coding activities, number bonds game, writing about your ambitions and a fun design an easter egg challenge.


 ~ Please continue to follow the Read Write Inc lessons for set 2 and set 3

    search for 'Ruth Miskin Training' on youtube ~

Activity 1

To continue with our work on the Magic Porridge Pot, this week we would be working on using descriptive language in our sentences. We have learnt to use adjectives to describe. As well as writing clear sentences with a capital letter to begin and a full stop at the end.

In your home writing book, we would like you to:

a. Choose one of the settings within the story,  and write 2 or 3 sentences with adjectives to describe.

                eg. The trees in the wood were tall and wide with bright green leaves. OR   Inside the little girl's home it was warm and cosy.

b. Begin to change the story to make it your own, choose a different food that would come from the magic pot instead of porridge. Draw your food and write 2 or 3 sentences with adjectives to describe it.

                 eg. Cookies are crumbly and buttery.   

Activity 2

As we continue towards Easter, talk about Palm Sunday and find out about Palm crosses you would normally receive in Church.  As we cannot go to Church at the moment. Have a go at making your own Palm cross using paper. The link below has some picture and written instructions to help you.

Activity 3 - Please continue to follow the teaching videos and activities on the White Rose Maths website

In addition...

Below you will find a document with a grid of suggested activities matched to each area of the year 1 maths curriculum and a grid on the final page with addition facts such as doubles to learn.

I would recommend to choose one area/activity to do every couple of days or each week, be careful not to move on to a different topic too quickly as this will just cause confusion. 

The aim of maths is to keep practising the same skills many times, in different ways, to develop fluency.


There are lots of ideas in the document so this will keep you going for many weeks :)


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello to all our lovely Herons! We hope you are all keeping happy and healthy! We can see that lots of you have been using PurpleMash to do some learning at home.....well done, that's amazing!

We have been looking after some children here at school. We miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Please stay at home and keep well. From, Miss Brosnan, Miss Hardy, Mrs Dorrington and Mrs Marchant


Home Learning - Week beginning 23rd March

 Please find activities below to help you with your learning whilst at home this week.

Activity 1

Before school closed, we began our work on the traditional tale of "The Magic Porridge Pot" If you can't remember the story or don't have a copy at home, watch the video below a few times to learn the story.

Then in your Home Work Book, do what we normally would in school and draw a story map to help you learn and remember all the parts of the story.  Then use this map to practice retelling the story off by heart.  You can teach it to your family.

Don't forget to add some labels to remind you of key words just like we would ask you to do in class. Words to begin your sentences such as Then, Next, After that, Meanwhile, Suddenly.

I have added an example of a story map below the video incase you need a reminder and so your families know what we mean. : )


Activity 2

This week have a try at learning to read and correctly spell the 45 year 1 tricky words.  We cannot use our phonics as we usually would for these words.  It will help your reading fluency to be able to recognise these words quickly in your story books. Have a look at some of the fun ways you can practise them.  

We have been learning these words all year and some of you may recognise lots of them already.

There are some fun creative ideas of how to practise these words and a grid with the 45 words on.

Each day choose a colour and practise the words in that colour.
Each day choose a colour and practise the words in that colour.

Activity 3


Check your 2DO's:

  1. A History activity sorting old and new transport
  2. The first 2 Computer Coding games in the series - We have recently started to learn about algorithms in computing lessons with Miss Bond

Use the link below to go straight to our schools purple mash login site:

18th March

In science today we have been testing which materials absorb water and which are waterproof.  We experimented with foil, tissues, paper towels, cotton wool and greaseproof paper.  Those of you that are learning from home could try this too by putting various materials over the top of a cup, pouring water on and watching what happens.  Does the material absorb the water?  Does the water go through the material?

Homework - Please help your child prepare for a spelling test which will take place on Friday 27th March.  It will include a random selection of all the spelling words we have been learning since September.  These are all listed in your child's homework book.

Home Learning - week beginning 17th March

Our Religious learning this week is to consider how things 'change'. Write 3 sentences about the changes in the different seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Write about which is your favourite season and why?


17th March      Maths

Today we have begun to measure mass by weighing.  First we compared objects using words such as heaviest, lighter, lightest.  Then we used non-standard units such as cubes to measure how much objects weighed.  Eg. The pencil weighs 3 cubes. Scissors weigh 6 cubes.  

Later this week we will move on to weighing using grams.


If you are at home at this time, with an adults help have a look for weighing scales in your kitchen.  Can you weigh out some ingredients, or find the mass of some of your favourite toys. Have a look on the packaging of food to see how many grams are in each box or tin.



Write a film review

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

Into Film have a film review competition for young people. Follow the link below to find more details. They also have a list of recommended films and resources to go with them. There is a helpful age guide for each film to help you choose one suitable for your child. 

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Palm Sunday

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

If you were watching mass this week you may have heard Father mention that Palm Sunday is approaching and suggesting that children make their own palms as we will not be receiving them in Mass this year. You could draw, paint or collage them together. 

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Working at home

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

If your child is not in school at the moment please practise spelling these key words at home. If your child knows these words already practise putting them in sentences. If your child is still learning these words please choose a small number (4-5) and practise until they are confident. Try making words with magnetic letters, painting in water on the ground, making them out of play dough or writing them in bright colours as well as in their homework books. 

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World book day

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS


Today the story teller came to share a story with our class. We enjoyed a special snack and read some stories together with our teddies. 

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Bird feeders

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the wildlife that lives in our school grounds. We made two different kinds of bird feeders to hang outside. Today we saw some magpie's eating the food!


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Snakes Alive

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

This week we had a visit from Snakes Alive. We learned lots about amphibians and reptiles. We also had a chance to hold a lizard and a snake. 


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See how we've changed!

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

This week in RE we have been thinking about how we change and grow.



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Bird feeder

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about birds in class this week. Today we made bird feeders to hang in the woods. If you want to make these at home you can find instructions here



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Completed Art

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We wanted to share some of our finished art work. 



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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the artist Klimt. We made our own work inspired by his art.


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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS


We have been using ten frames and cherry diagrams to help us with our subtraction problems. 

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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the artist Klimt. We have been creating our own paintings using metallic paint. 



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