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Week Beginning June 1st

Hello children,

we hope you all had a wonderful Half Term with your families! What beautiful weather! Did you have fun playing outside? How tall has your seed grown? Below are a few activities for this week. We hope they find you all happy and healthy! Stay safe, we miss you! 


English - Handa's Surprise

Recording 1 is about using describing words in our work.  Miss Bond has filmed a pineapple and examples of sentences.  Can you buy one of the fruit from the story or maybe you have one at home already like a banana or orange.  What does the fruit look like on the outside? The peel/skin. What does it feel like? bumpy? smooth? get a grown up to help you open the fruit and have a taste. What colour is the flesh inside? Is it the same as the outside colour? Is there seeds inside? 

Write at least 3 sentences using describing words about a fruit from the story. Remember to use 'and' in one of your sentences. And of course finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and neat careful letter formations!


 There is also a YouTube video below from the Unicorn Theatre group, about a trickster spider Anansi from West Africa and Caribbean folklore. Some of you may have read Anansi stories already as they are part of our school reading scheme.


Geography -

Recording 2 is a lesson about Kenya - Write a fact file on Purple Mash or in your home writing book with facts you learn from the video. You could also do you own research about Kenya by using which is a child safe search engine (we would be teaching you more about this is we were in school)


Let's find out about Kenya! This is where Handa's village is.

Do you know which continent Kenya is in? 

What is the weather like?

What kind of animals could we find there?



White Rose Summer 1 Week 1 ( to be added)


Handwriting -

Can you practise your cursive style at home this week.




We have been busy planting our seeds!

Week Beginning 25th May

This week starts with a Bank Holiday and it's also half term!!! So have a well earned rest this week. Enjoy the sunshine, get outside in the fresh air if you can and have some fun with your family. 


I have made a fun game below you can play with your family. There are no right or wrong answers, it's just a fun chance to get chatting. If you don't have a dice then write the numbers 1-6 on small pieces of paper, scrunch them up, put them in a bowl and take turns to choose one.


There is information on the HOME LEARNING page about a day of live free activities on YouTube on Monday 25th I have added the timetable below too. There is dancing, cooking, singing, learning a new language and lots lots more.

Week Beginning 18th May

Purple Mash 2Do's have been set for the topics below and others eg. phonics

Don't forget to visit the class blog on Purple Mash to see if we have chosen to share your piece of work and to see and write messages to us.

To find it, once logged into purple mash, click on Sharing, the green logo with a planet. This will bring up another menu, click on the shared blogs tab and click on your class.


This week we would like you to explore shapes. We have set some purple mash shape work but we would also like you to go on a shape hunt around your home or when you are outside getting your fresh air and exercise.

Have a look at this song on youTube which teaches you about a group of shapes called Polygons. These are shapes that are flat and have straight sides. The number of sides decides the name of the shape.

Can you spot any patterns or word connections between the names of polygons and other words you know that might help you to remember them. For example octagon and octopus an octopus has 8 tentacles and an octagon has 8 sides. Oct means 8.


I hope you enjoyed writing your own version of the Sidney Spider story and that you all remembered your full stops and capital letters!

We are going to do some work on the story Handa's Surprise. Watch the videos below for your activities : )

You might also want to see if you can get some of the fruit from the story that you have never tasted before and have a try. What do the fruit look like inside when you cut them? Do they have seeds? Is the skin of the fruit smooth or bumpy? Do you agree with the authors description of the fruit?


I hope you all received your seeds from us this week. We have already had emails with photographs of you planting them :)

Keep a record of what happens to your seeds? We had begun this in class with our potato plants, learning to draw a simple diagram with labels to record our observations each week. You can do this on the Purple Mash 2Do we have set or in your home learning book.



As we are approaching Pentecost we would like you to understand what happened to the Disciples, watch Miss Brosnan's video to hear the story.

1.We would like you to paint/chalk/draw the tongues of fire, or make pentecost wind twirlers. See the gallery below for some craft ideas of how you could remember this important event. 

2.Write a few sentences about what happened at Pentecost. How would you have felt if you were there?

3.We would also like to challenge you to learn a new language (or 2). Choose a language and learn how to say "Hello". Just as the disciples were able to speak different languages.

It would be wonderful if you could create a special area in your home with a cross, Bible and any other special items, just like we have in our classroom. You can then go to this space to have moments of stillness and to say a prayer. You could display your Pentecost crafts there too.

Look how hard the Herons have been working!

VE Day Celebrations!

Film making competition...Follow this link to find out how to make your own short film and enter a competition to win great prizes! Good luck!  


Week Beginning 11th May

Remember if you would like to email us your work please do so  at:


We would love to hear all about your VE Day celebrations.

Can you write a simple recount in your workbook telling us all about your day.



White Rose Maths will no longer provide the activity worksheets to accompany the videos. However the videos are still useful to support learning.  Instead of following the usual curriculum plan they have now created a series of lessons to support the move into the next year group.

You can also visit the BBC bitesize website for maths videos and activities.

There will also be a link to some maths on YouTube on the Home Learning page, there are guidance videos for parents on a variety of topics and for specific year groups, which might be helpful in understanding maths at this age.

We have added some addition and subtraction to 20 games on purple mash for this week.



We know lots of  you love to draw!

Draw with Rob on Youtube is lots of fun....perhaps you might like to give this a go!



We challenge you to get up and complete the Joe Wicks work out every morning this week!


A great alternative is Cosmic Kids Yoga. The children do this in school so may be familiar with some of the exercise.


Go for a bike ride, bounce on your trampoline, enjoy a walk in the park or create your own workout.

Send us some photos of you keeping fit and healthy!



Check out the Kingfishers Blog for the final videos for our work on Sidney the Spider. This week we would like the children to look at alternatives to the word said to increase their vocabulary bank. Also to box up the story if they feel the need to in order to prepare for the final part which is to spend time writing their own Sidney the Spider story. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS THEIR BOXED UP STORY, STORY MAP AND WORD BANK IN FRONT OF THEM.

If your child would find it difficult to write the story or they need some motivation they could:

-Write their 2 favourite parts

-Tell the story verbally, recording themselves on a video or tell it to someone in their family.

-Make a book with their paper by folding it in half.

Remember to make sure your child has plenty of breaks and they take the write at their own pace. It has been a long time since they have written in a sustained way which we build up over the course of the year. I would suggest blocks of 10minutes and total time of 30mins.

We're so proud of our children's home learning!

Below is the final part of our story.

Below is part 3 of our story.

Hi everyone, I'm afraid that I'm not able to add videos at the moment but I have uploaded a voice recording of the next part of the story. Enjoy!

Below you will find the next part of the story 'A necklace of raindrops by Joan Aiken. I will try to upload a video next week but until then you can listen to the next part. 

I thought you might like to see this video from my walk yesterday. It is a heron! I think it is a white egret. 

Week Beginning 4th May 


On Friday 8th May we will be celebrating Victory in Europe Day, VE Day. It has been 75 years since the end of World War 2.  We have set you some activities about VE Day on purple mash.

As well as those have a look on the Kingfishers Blog (click here) at Video 3 all about Agent Fifi who had an important job to do during WW2, we have suggested some activities you could do underneath the video.

It would be wonderful for you all to make some decorations for your windows or front of your house to celebrate VE Day. You could make bunting from triangles and use the colours from the Union Jack flag, red, white and blue. (Document below for bunting if you have access to a printer)

There are many suggestions that on Friday everyone enjoys a special meal or picnic with family in their house to celebrate this important day in history, could you help to make some sandwiches? 

I would love to see photographs of your celebrations as well as your work this week, email me at


There are 2 more videos on the Kingfishers Blog all about "Openers" for the work on Sidney the Spider.

  1. Look in a few books you have at home to find different story openings. Draw a picture of a door and write the openings you have found around your picture. Choose which story opener you would like to use for your Sidney the Spider story and write it in a sentence in your home exercise book.
  2. Look at the Adverbs word bank below Video 2, chose 2 parts of the story to match an adverb to. Write 2 sentences using your adverbs as the opening for the 2 parts of your story you have chosen.


Maths:   White Rose Maths Summer Term Week 3

Maths this week is to develop your understanding of number bonds using part-part-whole methods such as the cherry diagram and bar models. By having a clear understanding of how total amounts are made from parts will help you with both addition and subtraction calculations. 

Week Beginning 27th April

Hello to all our lovely Herons! We hope you are all keeping well and happy.

This week the weather is set to change so perhaps you might like to have a go at some of these activities suggested here?


If you would like to email us pictures of your child's work so we can feedback to them please use our new class email address. Any urgent messages or general queries must still go through the school admin email or by phoning the school office:




Activity 1: Geography

Now that you have learnt your home address, why not write a letter to a family member or friend?

Perhaps you could tell them all about the things you have been doing at home?

Or perhaps you could draw them a nice picture to make them feel happy?


Activity 2: Geography

Continue with your weather diary. What symbols are used to describe the weather?

How is the weather different to last week?


Activity 3: Science -Animals

Use the internet to find out about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores.

Draw some pictures of these animals in your work books and write some sentences to describe them.

Perhaps you could create a habitat for a specific animal using old boxes and paper?



Please continue to follow the videos and activities on website, click HOME LEARNING at the top and select year 1.

We are now on Summer Term Week 2.  



Continue to build on the Sydney Spider story.

Check out the Kingfishers Class Blog, here Miss Bond has bravely uploaded some

video clips to help you all.


Continued Activities:

  • 20-30mins of exercise
  • 20-30mins of phonics practise
  • 15mins of handwriting practise/key word practise
  • 15mins reading books
  • 2x 30-45min sessions of the suggested activities listed above.





Week Beginning 20th April

Welcome to the start of  Summer Term. This term we would have been focusing our topic learning on geography and science and using our visit to Colchester Zoo to support this.  We will give you some activities which will help you to be able to continue with our learning plan whilst you are at home.

Although Colchester Zoo is closed, if your parent searches for them on Facebook you can watch live videos of the zoo keepers who are sharing information about the zoo and the animals.  On the 15th of April 5 baby Cheetah's were born.

So we are going to begin our geography work of knowing more about our world, the continents and oceans and how climates vary according to the equator.

Activity 1:

Look at the google Earth app, maps or a globe at home. Find out all about where you live, which country? which county? which town? 

a.Draw and write about where you live either in the booklet below or in your Home Work Book.

b.Learn what your address is, find out where we write an address on an envelope, where does the stamp go? Who is on the stamp?

c. Some of your families were born in other countries and you have relatives living in different parts of the world. Find out about where that is, which continent is the country on, what is the weather like there, what animals live there that don't live here in England?

Activity 2:

Use the internet or maps to find out the names of the 7 continents and 5 oceans on the Earth. (Please also see powerpoint below or search on

and/or complete the Purple Mash activity that has been set in 2Do which is to label the continents.

Activity 3:

Keep a track of what the weather is like in our country this week - you can keep a simple record of this in your home school book or complete the task for this which has been set on purple mash.  DON'T FORGET WHEN WRITING THE DAYS OF THE WEEK IN YOUR DIARY THEY MUST HAVE A CAPITAL LETTER!

Other ideas:

  • draw/colour/paint/chalk a map of our Earth using green for the land and blue for the oceans and add labels
  • Make your own globe. You will need a balloon, newspaper or kitchen roll, PVA glue, paint
    • blow up the balloon
    • tear newspaper or kitchen roll into strips
    • mix PVA glue and water together
    • dip the strips into the glue mixture and cover the balloon in lots and lots of layers
    • hang the balloon up to dry and go hard
    • burst the balloon and paint your planet Earth.



Please continue to follow the videos and activities on website,  Click HOME LEARNING at the top and select year 1.

We are now on Summer Term Week 1.  

Previous weeks learning of measurement are still available should you need to access these.




Talk 4 write is the scheme we use to teach English in school. 

They have designed and made a year 1 unit adapted for home learning - In school we would complete these units over several weeks, Please work through the activities at your child's pace.  It is important that before they begin the activities they really understand the story and its meaning.  

Ask them if there are any words they do not understand.

Ask them to learn the story just the way we would in school, shorten it down to around 6-10 key events/blocks to help them retell it, we call this story mapping or boxing up, get them to make up their own actions for parts of the story as retelling in this physical way adds a performance element and helps them to remember the story.  Perhaps they could video call a family member and perform the story to them.

Then work through the suggested activities.

If you cannot print the document then the children can just write directly into their home learning book.

Please follow the links below to access Choose Year 1 Unit  - Sidney Spider Here you can listen to the story to help learn it


Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 2

Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello everyone, we hope you are all keeping well. Miss Brosnan and Mrs Dorrington have been busy looking after some children at school this week. We have been getting very creative and making sure we are all happy! We are enjoying taking part in the Joe Wicks work out every morning.....we have lots of space in the hall! 

We miss you all very much! 

Hope the lesson ideas below are useful.


kind regards,

Heron adults xxx

Each weekday we would recommend:  (in whatever order works for your family!)

  • 20-30mins of exercise
  • 20-30mins of phonics read write inc
  • 15mins of handwriting practise/key word practise
  • 15mins reading books
  • 2x 30-45min sessions of the suggested activities e.g purple mash, maths, home exercise book task, arts & crafts

with breaks between each activity session

also make sure you allow time for free play and family time such as going out into the garden or for a short walk :)


Remember to be flexible with home learning, this is a big change for the children and for you.  

Many of you are also expected to be working from home too, so do what works for you and your family.


Home Learning - Week beginning 30th March

** New tasks have been set on Purple mash ** - Coding activities, number bonds game, writing about your ambitions and a fun design an easter egg challenge.


 ~ Please continue to follow the Read Write Inc lessons for set 2 and set 3

    search for 'Ruth Miskin Training' on youtube ~

Activity 1

To continue with our work on the Magic Porridge Pot, this week we would be working on using descriptive language in our sentences. We have learnt to use adjectives to describe. As well as writing clear sentences with a capital letter to begin and a full stop at the end.

In your home writing book, we would like you to:

a. Choose one of the settings within the story,  and write 2 or 3 sentences with adjectives to describe.

                eg. The trees in the wood were tall and wide with bright green leaves. OR   Inside the little girl's home it was warm and cosy.

b. Begin to change the story to make it your own, choose a different food that would come from the magic pot instead of porridge. Draw your food and write 2 or 3 sentences with adjectives to describe it.

                 eg. Cookies are crumbly and buttery.   

Activity 2

As we continue towards Easter, talk about Palm Sunday and find out about Palm crosses you would normally receive in Church.  As we cannot go to Church at the moment. Have a go at making your own Palm cross using paper. The link below has some picture and written instructions to help you.

Activity 3 - Please continue to follow the teaching videos and activities on the White Rose Maths website

In addition...

Below you will find a document with a grid of suggested activities matched to each area of the year 1 maths curriculum and a grid on the final page with addition facts such as doubles to learn.

I would recommend to choose one area/activity to do every couple of days or each week, be careful not to move on to a different topic too quickly as this will just cause confusion. 

The aim of maths is to keep practising the same skills many times, in different ways, to develop fluency.


There are lots of ideas in the document so this will keep you going for many weeks :)


Thursday 26th March 2020

Hello to all our lovely Herons! We hope you are all keeping happy and healthy! We can see that lots of you have been using PurpleMash to do some learning at home.....well done, that's amazing!

We have been looking after some children here at school. We miss you all and hope to see you all soon. Please stay at home and keep well. From, Miss Brosnan, Miss Hardy, Mrs Dorrington and Mrs Marchant


Home Learning - Week beginning 23rd March

 Please find activities below to help you with your learning whilst at home this week.

Activity 1

Before school closed, we began our work on the traditional tale of "The Magic Porridge Pot" If you can't remember the story or don't have a copy at home, watch the video below a few times to learn the story.

Then in your Home Work Book, do what we normally would in school and draw a story map to help you learn and remember all the parts of the story.  Then use this map to practice retelling the story off by heart.  You can teach it to your family.

Don't forget to add some labels to remind you of key words just like we would ask you to do in class. Words to begin your sentences such as Then, Next, After that, Meanwhile, Suddenly.

I have added an example of a story map below the video incase you need a reminder and so your families know what we mean. : )


Activity 2

This week have a try at learning to read and correctly spell the 45 year 1 tricky words.  We cannot use our phonics as we usually would for these words.  It will help your reading fluency to be able to recognise these words quickly in your story books. Have a look at some of the fun ways you can practise them.  

We have been learning these words all year and some of you may recognise lots of them already.

There are some fun creative ideas of how to practise these words and a grid with the 45 words on.

Each day choose a colour and practise the words in that colour.
Each day choose a colour and practise the words in that colour.

Activity 3


Check your 2DO's:

  1. A History activity sorting old and new transport
  2. The first 2 Computer Coding games in the series - We have recently started to learn about algorithms in computing lessons with Miss Bond

Use the link below to go straight to our schools purple mash login site:

18th March

In science today we have been testing which materials absorb water and which are waterproof.  We experimented with foil, tissues, paper towels, cotton wool and greaseproof paper.  Those of you that are learning from home could try this too by putting various materials over the top of a cup, pouring water on and watching what happens.  Does the material absorb the water?  Does the water go through the material?

Homework - Please help your child prepare for a spelling test which will take place on Friday 27th March.  It will include a random selection of all the spelling words we have been learning since September.  These are all listed in your child's homework book.

Home Learning - week beginning 17th March

Our Religious learning this week is to consider how things 'change'. Write 3 sentences about the changes in the different seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Write about which is your favourite season and why?


17th March      Maths

Today we have begun to measure mass by weighing.  First we compared objects using words such as heaviest, lighter, lightest.  Then we used non-standard units such as cubes to measure how much objects weighed.  Eg. The pencil weighs 3 cubes. Scissors weigh 6 cubes.  

Later this week we will move on to weighing using grams.


If you are at home at this time, with an adults help have a look for weighing scales in your kitchen.  Can you weigh out some ingredients, or find the mass of some of your favourite toys. Have a look on the packaging of food to see how many grams are in each box or tin.



Write a film review

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

Into Film have a film review competition for young people. Follow the link below to find more details. They also have a list of recommended films and resources to go with them. There is a helpful age guide for each film to help you choose one suitable for your child. 

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Palm Sunday

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

If you were watching mass this week you may have heard Father mention that Palm Sunday is approaching and suggesting that children make their own palms as we will not be receiving them in Mass this year. You could draw, paint or collage them together. 

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Working at home

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

If your child is not in school at the moment please practise spelling these key words at home. If your child knows these words already practise putting them in sentences. If your child is still learning these words please choose a small number (4-5) and practise until they are confident. Try making words with magnetic letters, painting in water on the ground, making them out of play dough or writing them in bright colours as well as in their homework books. 

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World book day

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS


Today the story teller came to share a story with our class. We enjoyed a special snack and read some stories together with our teddies. 

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Bird feeders

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the wildlife that lives in our school grounds. We made two different kinds of bird feeders to hang outside. Today we saw some magpie's eating the food!


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Snakes Alive

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

This week we had a visit from Snakes Alive. We learned lots about amphibians and reptiles. We also had a chance to hold a lizard and a snake. 


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See how we've changed!

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

This week in RE we have been thinking about how we change and grow.



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Bird feeder

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about birds in class this week. Today we made bird feeders to hang in the woods. If you want to make these at home you can find instructions here



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Completed Art

Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We wanted to share some of our finished art work. 



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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the artist Klimt. We made our own work inspired by his art.


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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS


We have been using ten frames and cherry diagrams to help us with our subtraction problems. 

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Teacher (teacherone) on: HERONS

We have been learning about the artist Klimt. We have been creating our own paintings using metallic paint. 



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