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Welcome to the 2019/2020 Kingfisher Class Blog




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18th March science

In science today we have been testing which materials absorb water and which are waterproof.  We experimented with foil, tissues, paper towels, cotton wool and greaseproof paper.  Those of you that are learning from home could try this too by putting various materials over the top of a cup, pouring water on and watching what happens.  Does the material absorb the water?  Does the water go through the material?

17th March Religious learning

Our Religious learning this week is to consider how things 'change'. Write 3 sentences about the changes in the different seasons, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Write about which is your favourite season and why?

17th March      Maths

Today we have begun to measure mass by weighing.  First we compared objects using words such as heaviest, lighter, lightest.  Then we used non-standard units such as cubes to measure how much objects weighed.  Eg. The pencil weighs 3 cubes. Scissors weigh 6 cubes.  

Later this week we will move on to weighing using grams.


If you are at home at this time, with an adults help have a look for weighing scales in your kitchen.  Can you weigh out some ingredients, or find the mass of some of your favourite toys. Have a look on the packaging of food to see how many grams are in each box or tin.

2nd March

Today we have begun our maths topic of measuring. We practised correctly using words to describe and compare lengths for example longest, taller than, shortest.

27th February - P.E.

Kingfisher class enjoyed applying  gymnastics moves to balances today.  We were focusing on star, pike and tuck.

Ash Wednesday

Father Dan came to our special assembly today.  He placed ashes onto our foreheads, in the sign of the cross, to mark the beginning of Lent. 


Pancake Day

Today we made banana pancakes and wrote recipe instructions using clear precise language. We focused on using words such as First, next, after that.

We enjoyed topping them with lemon and sugar or syrup.

St Anne Line Day

As part of our celebrations for St Anne Line Day, we had a visit from Snakes alive. They brought some special animals into school for us to learn about. Some of us were brave enough to have the snake around our neck.

13 th February 2020

This morning Kingfisher class were partitioning 2 digit numbers into a tens and ones grid.  We then went on to compare numbers using the symbols = < >


28th January 2020

Today we learnt about Queen Victoria and then used Purple Mash to make a fact file about her.  We added photos and text. 

January 20th 2020

As part of our Come and See topic "Special People" we had a visit from someone in the community who helps us. 


A paramedic came to school with his ambulance to talk to us about his job and answer our questions. We had a look inside the ambulance and heard the sirens.

14th January 2020

We visited the Hollytrees Victorian Museum to learn about what life was like in the Victorian times. We learnt about Victorian homes, looked at and made Victorian toys.

7th January 2020

We began our History topic of Victorians today by changing the classroom to a Victorian layout. Miss Bond dressed up as a Victorian teacher and we wrote with chalk. We learnt about how boys and girls were treated differently.

October 2019

We went out to observe seasonal changes from Summer to Autumn in our science lesson. We looked at how the leaves were changing colour, and that they were falling from the trees. We also found berries beginning to grow on some of the bushes and acorns had fallen from the oak tree.