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We have all voted and elected special helpers for our class and school.  In the slideshow below you will see our School Council (Omoefe & Sofia) Eco Warriors (Ethan & Ivy) Class Librarians (Ayvon & Mollie) and Class Monitors (Regan, Isabel, Ashton & Joleena) 

Welcome to the 2018/2019 Kingfisher Class Blog

11th January 

Happy New Year!

This week we have been learning the story of The Magic Porridge Pot, so we tasted some warm creamy porridge ourselves.

We have begun our PE unit of Gymnastics, we practise straddle, pike and tuck shapes.  We also learnt how to safely carry and move the PE mats.

In maths we have been looking closely at numbers to 20 and how they are made of tens and ones.

15th November 

We visited the Library today.  We learnt about what we can borrow and do there; such as using the computers, borrowing books and DVD's.  The librarian read us a lovely story about a bear.

Next we visited St Martins Church. We looked for special signs and symbols in the Church. We found the font, altar and lots of crosses.  We laid down a cross made from poppies and the Vicar led us in a prayer to remember the people who lost their lives in the war.

After that we went to look at the bell tower before heading back to school.

8th November 

We have been making number bonds of 10 today.

02.11.18 -  We learnt about Kandinsky and how his art was a response to music he was listening to.  So whilst we listened to some different instruments we thought about what colour and shape the sound made us feel like drawing.

02.11.18   -  In science we have continued our learning about the human body.  We watched a video about our skeleton and how important it is for us to stand upright, move and protect our vital organs.  We looked at some x-rays of parts of the body to see the bones inside and also saw some x-rays of animals.  


We use cotton buds and paper art straws to make our own skeleton pictures.

01.11.18   -   This week we have begun to partition numbers. That means take a whole number and split into 2 parts.  We used 2 different colour cubes to make bar diagrams to show how we had split our whole number into 2 different parts.  We then began to find all the different ways we could split the same number and recorded it using maths symbols + and =

18th October  -   We had a special visit from the Super Splash Heroes who came into school to teach us about saving water.  They taught us how much water we waste and gave us helpful tips about how we could save water such as turning off the taps whilst we brush our teeth.

We have started learning about the organs in our body and used our lungs to blow watery paint with a straw to make a tree.  Today we used our fingertips to add different coloured autumn leaves. 


Today we talked about Baptism and how we welcome babies and children into God's family.  We acted out a Baptism. "Father Finnley" poured water onto baby Rosa's head. We all said the Lords Prayer together.  We chose a mum, dad and Godparents. The Godparents wrapped the baby in a white cloth and lit a candle.  

Kingfisher Class won the most class points last week and so we had a special treat in the afternoon, playing parachute games in the hall.

Well done Kingfishers for being so sensible at playtime, lining up, sitting beautifully in assemblies and being polite around school :)

27th September

Today we had a firefighter come to talk to us about the great fire of London and fire safety.  We learnt how important it is to have a smoke alarm at home and what to do if we hear it go off and we see smoke; get down low, get outside, call 999.

We saw the firefighter put on all his special clothes, we saw his breathing mask and learnt not to be afraid if we see a firefighter with their mask on.  We all got to try on his heavy helmet.

21st September

We have come to the end of our Families topic and so we all came together to rejoice about all we have learnt about Gods love and the love in our family. The children suggested that we should look at the photos and work on our wall and spend time thinking and saying our own prayers. What a lovely idea Kingfishers!

In maths we have been practising counting forwards and backwards from any given number. We also looked at recognising when amounts were increasing or decreasing. We used Dominos to make our own patterns and help us solve problems.

In outdoor PE we continued learning batting and fielding games. We played 'bucket' rounders.  We have been thinking about how our bodies change and feel when we exercise such as getting sweaty and breathing faster.

Omoefe and Sofia were our best batters today, well done! :) 

We went out with Miss Bond to look for the signs of Autumn.  We saw that the leaves were falling off the trees in the wind. They were brown, yellow and red.  There were also lots of cones, twigs and sticks.  We collected some of the things we found make an 'Autumn Investigation Station'. 

Isabel, Ashton and John used the frames to make faces with leaves and cones.

In golden time today we got the paints out for the children to use freely. Regan painted a lovely rainbow.

17th September - Please see note below RE: Tapestry

We have also begun our science topic "My Body". We drew around each other and our body parts and labelled them.  Some of us went to the school library to look for books about our body. (13.09.18)

We read a section of Psalm 63. We heard about how much God cares for and loves us, the animals and plants.  We drew ourselves and the flowers & animals that God made and loves too. (14.09.18)

We have been revising the /igh/ sound with Miss Bond. We thought of lots of words with the /igh/ sound such as right, night, light.  We spelt the word 'fight' then we added the suffix -ing to make our word even longer. (13.09.18)

Today we had Golden time in the Reception outdoor area now the builders have gone!

In class we learnt how to sketch and have begun painting our self portraits for our Gallery. 

'God made me, I am wonderfully made' Psalm 139:14


Exploring the quadrangle area (06.09.18)


2017-2018 Blogs

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The blogs below are from the academic year 2017-2018

Mrs Jenkinson & Mrs Dorringtons Class

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Our First Stay and Pray

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Year 1 really enjoyed St. Anne Line's first Stay and Pray. It was a lovely, quiet reflective time where we listened to a reading from John, about the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The children had made headbands with tongues of fire and had written individual prayers. Parents were given the chance to do a bible reading and offer up prayers. It was a wonderful time to come together and worship.

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Comparing Weight and Capacity

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In Maths lessons we have been learning about length, weight and capacity. The children have been comparing amounts, using a range of standard and non-standard measurements. They have particularly enjoyed using the balance scales and the capacity equipment. Can your child help you weigh and measure items at home in the kitchen? Can they read the scales correctly on the measuring jugs? Can they measure they height of all the members in your family? All these activities teach them important life skills. 

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St. George's Day

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We celebrated St. George's Day by enjoying an afternoon tea, after learning about our Patron Saint. The children wrote some interesting facts about St. George and they did some fun activities. Squirting cream onto their cake was by far their favourite activity! Can your child tell you some facts about St. George?

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Monkey See, Monkey Do!

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The children loved acting out the story of Monkey see, Monkey Do, from our English lessons. Especially when the naughty monkeys stole the children's hats while they were sleeping. In the story the children have to work out how to get their hats back. Can your child remember what their plan was?

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R.E. - Special Meals

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We visited the church and listened to Father Dan talk about Holy Communion. The children were able to pass around an unconsecrated host and look at it carefully. This visit linked to our topic about special meals including the Passover of the Jewish people. The children enjoyed discussing their family mealtimes and how they could be special times. 

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Forest School

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Kingfisher class have had a fantastic time at forest school over the last 5 weeks. They have learnt new skills and have worked well together. They have particularly enjoyed having hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows by the camp fire!    

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Our class blog!

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Welcome to Kingfisher class blog!

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