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Outdoor learning bingo card! 

Tapestry Home Learning Ideas

Week beginning 29th June 2020

Handa's surprise read by Miss Joseph

Noah's Ark read by Miss Roel 

Tapestry Home learning Ideas

22nd June 2020

Letters and Sounds Phase 1

General Sound Discrimnation Instrumental Sounds 


Isabelle has shared a story on Tapestry, and we thought it would be lovely to share it with all her nursery friends.

Thank you Isabelle.  

Maths - Home learning ideas

The tiger who came to tea...

What do you like to have for your tea? 

Thank you for sharing the story Miss Dorrington. 

Goat goes to playgroup

Thank you Miss Joseph for sharing this story. 

Letters and Sounds Phase 1 

General Sound Discrimination - Environmental Sounds 

Nursery Prayers

Mrs Miles is demonstrating how we say our daily prayers at nursery.

It would be lovely if you could show us (on tapestry) how you say your prayers at home with your family.

Tapestry Home learning ideas:

15th June 2020

Nursery Parents, 

From Thursday 11th June,  there will be information on Tapestry for those parents who have requested a place in the Nursery from 15th June. Please log into your account to familiarise yourself with the changes. If you have any questions, please contact the school. 

All parents must be aware, you will not be able to turn up at the nursery without speaking to Myself or Mrs Russell in advance. 

Kind regards

Miss Roel 

Tapestry home learning ideas:

Week beginning 8th June 2020 

50 things to do before you are 5! 


How many of these challenges can you achieve before your 5th birthday? 

Please do not forget to add your child's achievements to their Tapestry account. 

Cosmic Kids - Coco the Butterfly

Lots of the nursery children have been enjoying the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar',  and I thought this Cosmic Yoga session would support their interest of butterflies.

I hope you enjoy it! 

Miss Roel 

Letters and Sounds Phase 1 

General Sound Discrimination 



Dear Parents,

We are looking at introducing a planned phased return to the nursery from the 15th June. Please can you let me know by Monday 8th June if you would like your child to return to the nursery, or if they will continue to stay at home until September. (If you choose to keep your child at home, that is absolutely fine and their will be no penalty)

You can either phone the school or alternatively you can send me a message using tapestry (using the observation page).

Children will not be able to just turn up at nursery, you will need to have spoken to the school before they can start,

Please do hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions.

Kind regards

Miss Roel

Summer Reading Challenge - Please visit the HOME LEARNING page for details

******************** Nursery Parents **********************

Please be aware that from Tuesday 2nd June 2020,

St Anne Line Catholic Infant School and Nursery will only be open for Reception and Key Worker children.

The nursery is currently closed, more information about when the nursery will be reopening will be added to the school jotter over the coming weeks. 

If you are a Key Worker and you wish for your child to return to nursery, it is essential that you contact us in advance to discuss this. 

Thank you

Miss Roel 

Home learning ideas: Week beginning 1st June 2020

This weeks amazing home learning - So many wonderful ideas!!! 

Well done children and their families.

School readiness information

Mrs Syms (our school learning mentor) thought this might be of interest for our Nursery parents, with children who are due to start school in September 2020. 

BBC Teach website. 

There are some lovely activities on this website for the nursery children.  I have attached a link to a song about trains - 'Down by the station'.


Fun recipes to try at home...

Cooking helps children's personal, social and emotional development by offering space for exploration, developing skills, confidence and autonomy, and high levels of involvement. Cooking also supports children's developing communication, language and literacy skills, as they talk about what they are doing, and following the instructions.

Children develop problem-solving and numeracy skills by learning about 'more, less and a lot'. Children enjoy counting out spoonfuls or reading a number in a recipe book, as well as dividing up a mixture.

Baking also supports knowledge and understanding of the world as they explore new ingredients and develop a sense of what they do or do not like. It provides an opportunity to explore new tools and have first hand experience of cause and effects, observing the changes of the ingredients, and creating a wonderful masterpiece.

Don't forget to add any photos to your child's tapestry account! 

Have fun

Miss Roel 

Chocolate brownies...

Examples of wonderful home learning ideas...

Take a look below at some of the incredible things we have been doing!

Our teachers are so proud of us.

Week beginning 25th May 2020


We have put together a variety of science activities for you to try at home. There are more ideas on your child's tapestry account.

Colour magic using skittles!!!

In this Science Experiment you will need:

Skittles, hot water and a plate

  1. First you will need to put the skittles in a circle shape on the plate.
  2. Then with a grownup’s help, pour the hot water on top of the skittles.
  3. Finally watch the magic!

DIY Lava lamp 

Oil and water experiment 

1. Half fill and empty water bottle with water.
2. Add food colouring to the water and shake well.
3. Pour in oil, this can be any cooking oil or baby oil.
4. Shake well, then stand and watch the oil rise above the water and change the colour.


Jumping frogs

You will need: a balloon, some tissue paper and a woolly jumper.


First cut your paper into frogs, or anything else you want to jump! Placing them onto a surface.

Blow up your balloon.
Rub the balloon (for a few seconds) over your jumper, hold it above the frogs and watch them jump up!

Rubbing the balloon on your jumper charges it with static electricity. This attracts the frogs making them jump up on to the balloon. They will stay on the balloon until the charge wears off.

Home learning 18th May 2020

Cooking - Oat biscuits with banana and chocolate chips! 

This weeks home learning....

Well done everyone!

Soda bread recipe

We are so proud of our children's home learning!  

Please do not forget to add your child's learning to their tapestry account, it is lovely to see and share all their wonderful experiences.

Home learning 11th May 2020

We have added lots of new activities to your child's tapestry account. Please email the school, if you are unable to access their account. Please mark the email FAO Miss Roel. 

Thank you

Tapestry's new features

Below is a 'youtube' link which demonstrates the new features on tapestry.

I hope you find it useful.

Home learning ideas 4th May 2020

Peace at last...

Read by Miss Joseph 

Little Rabbit Foo Foo...

Read by Mrs Mary. 

Dear Zoo... 

Read by Mrs Miles. 

5 Little men in a flying saucer.... 


Thank you Mrs Ager for sharing this song. 

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' 

I will be adding a variety of stories read by the nursery team to 'Tapestry'. I will also upload them onto the blog, incase you are not able to access your 'Tapestry' account.

I hope you enjoy the stories!  

Miss Roel 

Home learning week beginning 27th April 2020


Children learn through play and it should be fun! Please do not add to your stress by trying to complete everything suggested!

We very much love seeing your pictures on Tapestry, please keep them coming.

Thank you all so much and stay safe

Miss Roel 


Below are some activities that you might like to explore linked to the story 'We are going on a bear hunt':  

We are going on a Bear hunt story -

We are going on a Bear Hunt Yoga -

Junk modelling challenge – can you make a bear cave. How may bears can fit in your cave?

Can you draw a big teddy and a little teddy? 

Maybe you can make sandwiches for a teddy bears picnic? - Remember before you cook you must wash your hands to keep the germs away!

When you have your bath, why not find out which things float and sink?


Home learning week beginning 20th April 2020

I hope you are all well, and you managed to have a lovely Easter with your family.

Below are a few  more home learning ideas. If you have any new ideas that you would like to share, please add them to your child's tapestry account. 

  • Reading den - Can you use blankets, sheets and cushions to make a comfy space to read a variety of books? What is your favourite book to share? 
  • Taking photos - Can you take 3 photos of your favourite things in your home and tell us about them on your tapestry account? 
  • Sock puppet - Can you make a sock puppet using an old or odd sock? 
  • Spring walk - Can you collect some natural treasures and maybe make a picture with them? 
  • Measuring with a stick - Use your stick to find things that are longer, shorter and the same. 
  • Memory game - Make a collection of items, cover them with a cloth, ask your grown-up to remove an item, can you guess what is missing? 
  • Movie day - Make tickets, prepare snacks and relax under a blanket with your family. 
  • Number hunt - Have a look for numbers around your home. Where do you find numbers?  

Thank you to: Brooke, Sophia, James, Logan, Verity, Catherine, Daniel, Emilia, Diana, Willow, Jeth, Avaneendra and Isabelle for sharing your home learning via tapestry.  

Stay safe and have fun everyone!

Miss Roel 

30 hours eligibility code

Dear Parents,


  • You must reconfirm your eligibility every 3 months.
  • If you don’t reconfirm the code, your child will lose their 30 hours nursery place at St Anne Line Catholic Nursery. 


How to reconfirm…

  1. You will get a text and/or email 4 weeks before your reconfirmation deadline. This will prompt you to log into your Childcare Service account.
  2. In the account you must go to 'secure messages'. You can access this section at any time. The section on reconfirmation will inform you of your reconfirmation date.
  3. You can reconfirm your eligibility up to 4 weeks before your reconfirmation date.


The reconfirmation process may differ for some parents.

Such as if:

  • your circumstances haven't changed you will need to tick a box to confirm this. You will not receive a new code but the existing one will get extended for 3 more months
  • your circumstances have changed you must amend and resubmit your details
  • you completed your original application over the phone. You will need to phone the Customer Interaction Centre to reconfirm your eligibility.
  • you currently have a temporary code (these start with 11) you must complete a new application. You must do this through your childcare service account to get a permanent code. 

If you have any problems with your code please contact the school asap.  

Many thanks

Miss Roel 


Summer term funding forms

Over the next few days,  you will be receiving your child's summer term funding form through the post.

Please could you sign this form and return it to the school by post or email at your earliest convince. 

Many thanks

Miss Roel 



Below are a set of challenges to try at home. 

  • Using construction materials (blocks, connecting toys or wooden toys) what is the tallest tower you can make before it falls over? Is it taller than you? 
  • How many things can you find around your home or garden that are blue? Can you draw a picture to keep track of how many things you find. 
  • Hide a soft toy somewhere around your home or garden and make a treasure map to find it. 
  • Play with bubbles. Can you blow small bubbles? Can you make big bubbles? 
  • Look at old photos of your family or friends. Do you know who all the people are? 
  • Play musical statutes. Play your favourite music, when the music stops you need to freeze! 

I hope you enjoy trying these ideas... 

Please do not forget to upload any photos of your child's home learning to their Tapestry account.

Home learning...

Below is a bank of activities that you could try with your child at home: 

Jolly phonics app - the children have been learning a variety of these songs. They have really enjoyed singing about the 'snake is in the grass and puff out the candles on the pink pig cake.' You can also find the Jolly phonics song on youtube. 


Make your own play dough: 

1 cup of salt

2 cups of flour

4 teaspoons of Cream of Tartar

2 tablespoons of cooking oil

2 cups of water

food colouring ( if required) 

Mix ingredients in a saucepan, cook on a medium heat for three to five minutes stirring constantly until the mixture becomes stiff. Turn out of the saucepan and knead until smooth. 


Stories with actions / song on youtube: 

Dear Zoo, We are going on a bear hunt and Little Rabbit Foo Foo.


Pop See Ko 

The children enjoy dancing and singing along to the many songs such as Dinosaur stomp and Superheroes unite. 


Cosmic kids

online stories using Yoga movements. 


Talk Listen Cuddle (TLC)


Physical activities:

Make your own musical instruments, using household items or recyclable materials.

Mark make in flour, sugar, glitter or sand.


We would to see what you have been up to, don't forget to upload these exciting things to your child's 'Tapestry' account! 



The Easter Story - Jesus is risen!

The children will be bringing home the last page of their Easter book to complete with you. Please see the example above. The children have been enjoying leaning all about the story of Easter. When you complete the page, it would be great if you could add it to your child's 'Tapestry' account. 


Learning in the outdoor environment... 


Palm Sunday

Teacher (teacherone) on: NURSERY

If you were watching mass this week you may have heard Father mention that Palm Sunday is approaching and suggesting that children make their own palms as we will not be receiving them in Mass this year. You could draw, paint or collage them together. 

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Nursery Celebrate an Outstanding Ofsted!

Teacher (teacherone) on: NURSERY

Outstanding Ofsted 17th September 2019

The report commented that, 'staff have exceptionally high expectations for children and strive to ensure that they provide the best possible opportunities for children to thrive and achieve their fullest potential.'

Outstanding Ofsted 2019

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All Aboard for dress up day

Teacher (teacherone) on: NURSERY

We have named our new boat FriendShip!

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Welcome to the Wagtails and Ducklings page!

Teacher (teacherone) on: NURSERY

We hope you enjoy looking at our blog!

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