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Please ensure you read the Parent Guide Document below

There is also a video tutorial on the main Home Learning Page (click here)

Many Thanks


Summer Reading Challenge - Please visit the HOME LEARNING page for details


Work to celebrate

Thank you Jeremiah for your neat work



Thank you Rosa you have really focused on your tasks



Well done A.J you look like you have had fun learning about bees



 This week we are thinking about the treasures in creations  celebrated by Psalm 104.

Follow the link for a book based on the song What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. The song celebrates creation.


FABULOUS KRYSTIAN                                                                                                                                                   GREAT WORK ROSA                                                                                    WELL DONE A.J


Lovely picture Jack

Choose a line of the song and illustrate it and send it to the blog.

Write a prayer about the treasures of the world and illustrate it.

Treasures of Nature - Birds of Paradise 



Well done Jack , Jeremiah, Rosa and A.J


Treasures of Nature 

WELL DONE KRYSTIAN                                                     Super neat work Jeremiah                                                                                                                    Love the pen detail A.j                                                        Good research Rosa


Treasures of the sea - World Ocean Day 8th June




              Well done Jeremiah                                                                    Great poster Rosa                                                   



                                                                           Fabulous work Krystian


Great work A.J.                                                                                                                                          Well done Jack                                                    Super facts Rosa


A.J and his family turned their lounge into an ocean!

Common Exception Words

These are the words that are not phonically regular, that means you cannot use just your phonics to spell them correctly.

Sometimes you have to use a  mnemonic - little rhymes - to help you remember these words like Big Elephants Can't Always Understand Small Elephants for because

Look at the butterfly of exception words, colour in those you can spell correctly.

For the others make up a mnemonic like the one for because. Send in your mnemonic to the blog

Good job Jeremiah!

Please remember to login to purple mash where lots of work tasks have been set.


compound words

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Compound words


Look at the words Jeremiah, Jack , Rosa and A.J found.


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Butterfly Art

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

 Flip by Jeremiah                                            Joe by Krystian                         Jack by A.J                                  Sloppy by Jack.                Great work Rosa.                                                      Well done A.J




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Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Well done Jack,A.J and Rosa, great butterfly facts!



Maths Symmetry

          Fab work Rosa and Jeremiah


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Growing seeds

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Hi all,

You should have received your seeds by now.        Jack ,A.J, Jeremiah and Krish have already been planting!


We hope you can plant your seeds and watch them grow.

Below is a power point about plants and there needs and also go to this link

Below is a plant diary to complete and then get your grown up to send it to the blog. You could also send in photos of you planting and looking after your seeds.

If you don't have a printer just write your own version.

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Evacuee suitcase

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Lots of the owls class have been busy drawing what they would have packed in their suitcase if they were evacuated. 


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Owls work

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Everyone has been very busy making war time posters! 




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White Rose maths

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Each week there are a new set of lessons on White Rose maths. Simply visit the website for a daily lesson. 

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Frogs and toads

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

On PurpleMash many of you have mentioned enjoying looking at wildlife in your garden and trying to encourage frogs and toads. The Natural History Museum has some information and a short film about helping frogs and toads.,118JB,7COQCM,3XU6C,1 

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Oak National Academy

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

The government has launched a new online academy. This week we would like to trial this platform and see if it is helpful for our students. Please follow the link below to find the lessons for year 2. Please scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the lessons for week 1 (20th April). Please comment in this post to let us know how this works for your child. 

If your child struggles with this work please try following the Year one lessons instead. 

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Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Please remember to check on Purplemash for this weeks activities. 

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Learn those spellings!

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Hi all, hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

We posted all the common word spellings that you need to learn by the end of year 2 a few weeks ago. Here is the list again and some fun ideas to help you learn the spellings.

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Learning ideas

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

The WWF have released lots of free learning resources that you might like to explore. Follow the link below. 

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Write a film review

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

Into Film have a film review competition for young people. Follow the link below to find more details. They also have a list of recommended films and resources to go with them. There is a helpful age guide for each film to help you choose one suitable for your child. 

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Phonics, reading and writing

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

It is important that you keep using your phonics to help with your reading and writing. Please practise any sounds you find tricky or enjoy playing some phonics games. Below are some links you might find helpful.

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Snakes Alive

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

We saw lots of interesting reptiles and amphibians today.


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Chinese blossom painting

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

We have been reading a traditional Chinese tale in class. We looked at some Chinese paintings and had a go at making our own.     

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Police visit

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS

AJ's dad came to visit us in school. He told us about being a police officer. We had lots of fun!


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Forest schools

Teacher (teacherone) on: OWLS



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