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Welcome to the 2020-2021 Sparrows class blog. 

The sparrows class email is

25th June 2021


"take care of my world" 

 This week the children have enjoyed learning and talking about our wonderful world. The children have shared what they love about our world and how to take care of the world we have. The ideas they came up with are; 

"don't waste water", "clean up the beach", pick up your rubbish", "look after the plants and animals" "turn off the tap"


We have been looking at money  in maths this week and the children at the start of the week came up with all the things they knew already about money. We have been looking at  different coins and notes. We explored what we knew about the bank, saving and money misconceptions. This week they children have loved paying for their own snack and doing extra jobs to put in the savings account to spend the next day on special snack. Next week the children have decided to bring in 5 1p coins from home and have put a price on different activities around the classroom. They are going to spend the money on different tasks during the day. They can also gain extra coins for doing special jobs. 

Maths - sharing 

This week in maths we have been looking at sharing. The children have been sharing their snack out fairly at snack time and have become very good at pointing out if items are not shared equally. We have also looked at the story 'when the doorbell rang by Patt Hutchings' which lead to some great discussions about sharing, doubling and bonds.  

Holiday news 

The children have had a lovely first week back after half term. They have looked at holiday news and written about everything they did during their break. They were very excited to share this with us.  

We read the story rainbow fish and looked at what being a good friend means to them? How can we be kind to others and our world? How can we help our friends during tricky times? 

In maths we have been talking about what doubling means. The children will learn that double means ‘twice as many’. They should be given opportunities to build doubles using real objects and mathematical equipment. We have been using lots of games to help them e.g. dominoes.

Forest school 

The children have thoroughly enjoyed forest school this half term. There has been lots of exploration within the woods and an increasingly large amount of both team and individual work. The children have explored what you might find in the woods, multiple ways to climb trees and looked at using various tools to create lots of different objects. We have noticed an increase in confidence within the classroom and how willing the children are to try and join in with different and new activities. It has been wonderful to watch their development. Enter text...

Have a lovely half term!

The Sparrows had lovely time celebrating with Miss Coulthard before she set off to get married. We joined as a whole school to wish her well and cannot wait to see some lovely photos. 

Life cycle of a frog 

This week in sparrows the children have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. They children had a lovely time looking to see if we could spot some frogs or tadpoles in the school pond. 


Cake sale for India 

The children have enjoyed making cakes to raise money for the people of India. In Sparrows class we spoke about food hygiene,  measuring ingredients, how to read a recipe and why we need recipes. 

After we made the cakes we then spent time decorating our own cakes. 

We hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them.  


Welcome back 

 We hope that you and your family had a lovely Easter holiday. The children have loved telling us about all the lovely things they have done in the holidays. This week the children have been to their first session of forest school and have had an amazing time. I hope you have enjoyed hearing from the child all the wonderful things they have done. 


The Easter Story - read by Fr Dan 

Whatever next 

The children have had a lovely half term back at school. This half term we have been reading the book whatever next. From the book the children have been keen to explore space. So we have made rockets, built space stations, explored new planets and have made astronaut costumes. From this the children have done some lovely writing about what they would take to the moon and have written about their own planets.

Dear Reception parents, 

We will be teaching the children through remote learning. 

If you need to communicate with your child's class teacher please use the email address below. 

This is the platform we will be using to communicate and send you your child's activities. Please leave comments and post your child's work onto tapestry so me and Mrs Warman and Mrs Cassar can view the work that is being done at home. We will be posting work which is in line with the reception curriculum but also work that can be completed easily at home. By lunch time a phonics lesson will be posted for your child's new sound to be learnt. After today please check everyday for the new activities we will be sending. 
Parents meetings 

Parents meetings will be going ahead. You should have now had an email with your time slot from your class teacher. 

Take care and stay safe from Miss Coulthard, Mrs Warman, Mrs Cassar and the reception team.


With Advent beginning this Sunday, we have been learning about the Advent Wreath.

Please watch the video of Father Dan telling the Christmas Story and listen to the song on the youTube link to help you think about Advent and the meaning of Christmas.


 This week in maths we have been looking at positional language - on top, below, under, over, behind, in front, next to, in-between. The children had great fun playing where is the bear and making their own obstacle course. 

We have been carrying on with our phonic sounds and using these new sounds to help us make a story map for our topic story we're going on a bear hunt. The children have really enjoyed this story and are very good at telling the story using actions. 

We have started to look at advent with the children and why we are counting down to a special day.  The children shared some lovely things they do with their families during advent. This afternoon  they made a wonderful class advent wreath to display in our classroom. 

Children in need

The children were very excited about children in need day. We started the day by talking about what children in need day meant and why they children were wearing yellow or spotty clothes. We then all took part in Joe Wicks 24hr PE challenge. The children really enjoyed this and decided they wanted to do their own challenge for children in need. So we held a class vote and decided our challenge will be five push ups and five laps around the playground. 

We ended the day by decorating Pudsey  bear biscuits.


Remembrance Day 

'least we forget" 

The children have been learning about remembrance day and participated in a two minute silence.

Here are some pictures of the children making poppies and building their own versions of a war memorial. 


First week back after half term. 


The children have had a wonderful first week back. We have started our new topic book this term.  We are going on a bear hunt. The children have really enjoyed creating a messy tray based on the story and learning actions to go with the story.


This week has also been bonfire night, so the children have been looking at how and why we celebrate bonfire night. Sparrows class really enjoyed watching some spectacular fireworks on Thursday afternoon.  This prompted them to make their own fire work pictures.


This afternoon the children have been making apple doughnuts. They have worked together in little groups to follow a recipe and learnt about cooking hygiene too.


We hope you have a lovely weekend. If you have any pictures from anything fun you did at the weekend, we would love for you to share these on your child’s tapestry account. The children really love sharing their weekend news with the rest of the class during snack time.

 Miss Coulthard 

Exploring Autumn

Sparrows class have been very busy learning about autumn.

Some of the things we have been doing are;

Making leaf crowns 

Leaf rubbing 

learning new songs 

Looking at the life cycle of a leaf 

Looking a pumpkins and what is inside pumpkins 

We have talked about what happens to some animals during Autumn and what food grows in Autumn.


Below are some pictures and videos we hope you enjoy looking.


Have a lovely half term holiday with your family. 

Miss Coulthard and the reception class team. 


First week

The children have had a lovely time settling into their new classroom.  We have made new friends, explored our new space and have begun to learn some phonic sounds.