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Hello and welcome to the blog page for the Wrens Class!

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Camping Night July 2021

We hope that you all had a great evening.  It was so lovely to see you all enjoying yourselves.

You can find all of the photos on a special webpage under the "news & events" tab or by clicking here.

8th June - Weighing

Today we have been using rocker scales and gram weights to find the mass of objects around the classroom. 

24th May

Rarr!! Look at our fearsome tigers! Wrens class have finished painting their clay tiger faces and also made a tiger face collage on a paper plate. We have really enjoyed our topic on Bengal Tigers. 

18th May - Sunflowers

Today we observed our sunflower seeds to see what has happened since we planted them 2 weeks ago. Almost all of them have grown into a plant. We labelled the parts of the plant, recorded a diagram and used our measuring skills from Maths last week to record and compare the lengths of our plants. Whose will grow the tallest? 

Maths Measuring

Today we combined our Maths and PE lessons.  We learnt long jump skills and took turns using a tape to measure how far our friends jumped.

10th May 

Today we have made tiger faces using clay after learning an Indian Traditional Tale,  The Tiger Child. We used  clay modelling tools to sculpt and add details such as whiskers.

4th May

Today we had a visit from Annie who lead us on an immersive drama experience to learn about it was like for children during world war 2. We learnt about children being evacuated to the countryside, blackouts and growing your own food due to rations. 

30th March

Thank you for all your brilliant rainforest homework projects! You have all worked so hard on our rainforest topic this half term. There is a short video below of what we have been doing.

Have a very Happy Easter.

Miss Bond, Miss McLoughlin, Miss Daley & Mrs Chendhil

The Easter Story...

Rainforests - 23rd March

This week we have been working on a project about animals of the rainforest.  We began by researching our favourite rainforest animals using books and the internet then writing a fact file.  

Then in computing lessons we learnt how to do an image search, how to download and save an image and then print.

Today we have used all of our research information and printed images to make posters about a rainforest animal.

Welcome back to school!

We have all been settling back into class and it's great to be back with our friends.  

In lessons we have been learning about 2D and 3D shape in maths and we have started our topic work about Rainforests including learning the story of The Papaya that Spoke in our English lessons.

School Closure - Remote Learning

Please make sure you are logging into google classroom to access your remote learning activities - details of live lessons via zoom are listed on there too!

2nd December

We went to the local shops to post our letters to Santa. On the way, we looked for signs of Christmas Preparations and we saw lots of houses decorated with wreaths, lights and lots of other Christmas decorations in the windows.

When we got back to class we decorated the classroom in preparation for Christmas.

30th November - Maths

This week we begun our work on multiplication. 

We started by making equal groups using objects and hoops.  Then we looked at adding the groups together as repeated addition to find the total.  


With Advent beginning this Sunday, we have been learning about the Advent Wreath.

Please watch the video of Father Dan telling the Christmas Story and listen to the song on the youTube link to help you think about Advent and the meaning of Christmas.

We have begun making our class advent wreath by making green handprints, check back soon to see our completed class advent wreath!

18th November

This week we have been learning about more London Landmarks, natural such as the River thames and built such as Buckingham Palace.  We read the story Katie in London by James Mayhew and have been writing postcards in our English lessons.  

On Wednesday we looked at Monet's London artwork.  We looked closely at how he blended, used different directions of strokes and colour combinations.

We created our own artwork of a London Landmark in the style of Monet, click on the photos below to see the pictures up close.

11th November

Today we had a visit from a Time Traveller who took us back to the times of Guy Fawkes.  In our fun drama workshop we learnt about what life was like in 1605 and all about Guy Fawkes and the other plotters.

In the afternoon we used sticks and playdough to make the Houses of Parliament.  It was a fantastic afternoon of perseverance, resilience, team work, deep thought, engineering, mathematics and problem solving.

9th November

This week we have been exploring money in our maths lessons.

4th November - Baptism with water

Today we thought about all of the uses, real and symbolic, of water.  We learnt about the part of Baptism where the Priest puts water over the baby's head.  Then we used the iPads to make mind maps and connections about water and Baptism.

2nd November - Fireworks

This week we are learning about poetry.  We began by thinking of all the different vocabulary associated with fireworks and other parts of bonfire night such as the weather.

19th October - Harvest Festival

Sadly this year we cannot give thanks for the Harvest in our usual way of a Harvest Festival Assembly. 

We still wanted to show our families what we are learning, thankful for and how we are celebrating this harvest time in our classroom.  

So we are making short videos all week to share art, poems, prayers and more.  

Be sure to share all of the videos as a family, the children will enjoy talking to you about their learning as well as looking for their parts in the video clips.


We hope you enjoy these videos as our alternative Harvest Festival and have a wonderful half term holiday break next week.

Miss Bond, Miss McLoughlin, Miss Daley, Mrs Chenthil & Mrs Hall :)



Harvest Video 1

Harvest Video 2

Harvest Video 3

Harvest Video 4

8th October - Come and See

We have been extremely fortunate today as Mrs Chenthil spoke to us about Hinduism.  We heard about Puja, a Hindu form of worship.  Hindu people pray to a shrine (like the one in the photograph) and many have one in their own home.  Hindus have many Gods that they pray to.  They ring a bell to let the Gods know that they are ready for worship and place offerings on a Puja tray such as incense, flowers and food.  It was fabulous to see Mrs Chenthil wearing her beautiful sari as well as the lovely Rangoli pattern which she had drawn on the floor.


5th October - Science/English/Computing

Today some teachers bought their dogs into school. We asked them questions that we had written in our English lesson this morning.  We learnt to use a question mark and question words.

We learnt about the body parts of a dog and how to look after and care for a dog.  We learnt that there are many types of breeds of dogs. We have begun work on dog fact files which we will be using IT to create.

History - 2nd October

Thank you to all of you who brought in cereal boxes.  We had great fun using them today to make telephone exchanges like those used by telephone operators beginning in the late 19th century.

History - 24th September 

Today we had a look at how telephones have changed over time.  We had the opportunity to play with a dial telephone and an older style mobile phone.


Science - 21st September

In our science lessons we have been learning about ‘Living Things’.  We searched our local area for things that are alive, dead or were never alive. We used our knowledge of the 7 life processes and recorded our findings on a table. 

Come & See - 14th September

The first topic of year 2 for Religious Education is learning how God is always there at the beginning.  We have learnt the story of creation, thought about how God will be with us when we have a new beginning in our lives such as starting a new class. This week we thought about God being with us at the beginning of each new day. 

We listened to Morning Mood by Peer Gynt, wrote a morning prayer and were inspired by some art thinking of how God's love in the morning gives us warmth and light like the rays of the rising sun.

You can see some lovely examples of the artwork in the pictures below.

Maths - 15th September

This week we have been looking more at place value and different ways we can represent a number by its tens and ones.

We worked together to represent a number in different ways on the interactive whiteboard. (pen is cleaned between each use!)

Forest School - 16th September

We have been enjoying forest school day so much, having the opportunity to learn new skills and use tools as well as develop friendships, confidence, communication skills, explore and create to name just a few. 

17th September

We continued with our communication topic today and found out about the life of Alexander Graham Bell.  We went on to make our own telephones and learnt about the the importance of vibrations.

11th September 

This week we have started our new history topic for this half term in which we will be exploring how communication has changed over time.  We have really enjoyed communicating to one another using morse code and semaphore signals.

Year 2 Termly Learning

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