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Purple Mash update:

We have created a private class blog on Purple Mash where we will choose to share really good pieces of work for everyone to celebrate. You can also comment on the posts and we can reply so if you want to send a hello message or update on there then you can. Only the children in our class and the class teachers will be able to see the work and comments.

Before the comments can be seen by everyone in the class the teachers will need to approve them. 

To find our blog, once logged on to purple mash, click on Sharing, the green logo with a planet. This will bring up another menu, click on the shared blogs tab and click on your class.

Film making competition...Follow this link to find out how to make your own short film and enter a competition to win great prizes! Good luck!  


We would love to be able to see more of what the children are doing at home, so we have set up a new email address for you to email photographs of any activities or home learning that you would like to share with me.  add the photographs as an attachment.

This email will be checked as often as possible but not necessarily daily therefore urgent messages or general queries will need to be emailed to the school admin email address or you can phone the school office.

Monday 1st June This week we are thinking about what we treasure.

Think carefully about what you treasure at home. Think about your family, your friends who are looking forward to see. Draw a picture of the things and people you treasure and write your own thank you prayer.

Use the link below to share a special prayer with your family.

Butterfly Awareness Day Saturday 6th June


Use the link below to find out about more about moths and butterflies. We should treasure the butterflies that visit our gardens! Find out how we can look after them and we can help our planet.

There are nearly 60 different kinds of butterflies in the UK and nearly 2,500 moths!

Butterflies usually rest with their wings closed, while moths rest with their wings open. Butterflies have long, thin antenna, while moths have shorter feathery antennas. Butterflies generally gather food during the day while moths are seen more at nightime.


Both butterflies and moths hatch from an egg as a caterpillar. Find out what you can about these insects in the UK watch and



Look at the spotter detective sheets, see which caterpillars, butterflies and moths you can spot.






 Complete the butterfly facts sheet, if you don't have a printer draw and label your own butterfly.







Have a go at drawing/painting your own butterflies. You can even make your own model!      



Maths Symmetry - 1st June

Something is symmetrical when it is the same on both sides. A shape has symmetry if a central dividing line (a mirror line) can be drawn on it, to show that both sides of the shape are exactly the same.

We see symmetry in nature , like on  the wings of a butterfly watch see

Watch the power point and complete the symmetry sheet. If you haven't got a printer draw your own butterfly with wings which are the same on both sides and therefore have symmetry.








Lovely to see Joshua and his sister enjoying the sunshine. Look how carefully Joshua is planting his seeds!


Wow! Look at Joshua's amazing Skittles Rainbow experiment! 



Well Done to Gabrielle and Catalina for beautiful Ascension work.



Half Term week Monday 25th May

Hello Everyone,

I hope you've all been able to plant your seeds. This week I'd like you to record any changes and  keep your plant diary up to date.


Keep practising your times tables. I hope you're enjoying your reading too.

Use the link below to read about The Story of Pentecost. This is when the Holy Spirit comes to the disciples. Perhaps you could write the story in your own words and then draw your own picture.




Week beginning Monday 18th May...

Well done to all of you for the hard work you're doing at home. Thank You for the photos! Scroll down for extra activities for Thursday.

Thank You Alan for your beautiful colouring.

Well Done Gabrielle ! Lovely to read your prayer to Mary and see you working hard and being creative. .  



I love the stones you've been decorating Gabrielle.

Well Done Gilliana. I love your poems.

It's lovely to see you enjoying your reading and playing your piano. 


Well Done Finnley.
Well Done Finnley.

I hope you've all received your seeds. Have fun planting them and remember to take photos! Have a go at writing a plant diary. 

Below is a power point about plants


This Thursday is Ascension Thursday.We remember when Jesus went back to his Father in Heaven.   

Have a go at drawing your own picture and writing a prayer to Jesus.

Ascension Day 

We celebrate Jesus ascending, or going up to Heaven to be with God on Thursday.

Share the power point with your grown up and follow this link to learn more.

Write some sentences and draw a picture about what happened, you could send what you have done to the blog.

There is also a fun craft to do and a word search.

Remember to check your 2dos on Purple Mash.

Week beginning Monday 11th May

What an exciting weekend we've all had! Thank you for all your emails and pictures!

Super handwriting practice from Joshua and Jakub !

Wow ! Well Done Kavana. What a wonderful picture!
Wow ! Well Done Kavana. What a wonderful picture!

Well done Joshua, you've been helping to get ready for VE Day, you've been practising all your school work. You've made a Birthday card for Colonel Tom and remembered to say Thank you to our NHS. Lovely work.

Keep going everyone! Look at Jakub's wonderful work!

Well Done Catalina! Fantastic work on fractions!  

Well Done Catalina.
Well Done Catalina.
Well Done Isabel.
Well Done Isabel.

Update Monday 11th May

It was lovely to speak to some of you last week when I called your parents.

It's great to know that you're working hard and having fun.

I've enjoyed reading your emails and seeing your pictures.

As it's the month of May don't forget to write your own prayer to Mary and colour in a picture. Also make sure you find the Suitcase activity and draw what you would take with you if you were being evacuated.

Keep practising your boxing up.

Week beginning Monday 4th May.

Use the resources below to remember Mary in a special way.

Well done Isabel and Catalina


 The children who lived in the cities during WW2 were in danger because of German bombing. It was decided to send these  children to the countryside where it would be safer.

Read the power point with your grown up and answer the questions below.

You could also use the suitcase template and draw what you think the children would take with them.

Well Done Catalina.
Well Done Catalina.

Well Done Isabel 

Well done Sofia for writing and illustrating a wonderful little book about being evacuated.

Have a look at Sofia's little book .



Look at these steps for "boxing up"

Week beginning Monday 27th April

Hi All,Hope you're all well and have been staying safe at home. This week I'd like you to begin learning about world War Two, particularly Rationing.

Please have a look on 

where I have set yo and use to answer the questionsu some 2Do tasks to help your learning at home.


You could also use Google to research or perhaps you could telephone family or friends who might remember what rationing was like.


For maths please keep practising your 2's 5's and 10's times tables - also visit the white rose maths website for your daily maths lessons - the link for this is on our HOME LEARNING page.


For phonics and spellings please visit Ruth Miskin Training on youtube. The Year 2 Set 3 sessions are live at 10.30am every day. This has speed sounds, word work and spellings.

You may find some of the activities on this link useful to use at home with your child. 


Remember to log in to Purple Mash where lots of tasks have been set.



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