St Anne Line Catholic Infant School & Nursery

We love to learn in Jesus, In Jesus we learn to love

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Curriculum Statement

We Love to learn in Jesus, In Jesus we learn to love”


We hope that you will find this information about our school curriculum useful. We have a very dedicated staff team who are committed to provide the best education for your child.


At St Anne Line Infant School children come first! We have high expectations of behaviour and expect your child to have good attendance so that they can make the most of the planned opportunities on offer.


We plan and teach a broad and balanced curriculum, reflecting the world in which we live, ensuring that the children are supported and challenged in their learning. This includes a cultural and ecological awareness and we ensure children have good ICT and communication skills.


We provide an environment that fosters a love of learning, is safe and secure and one in which children can explore the world around them and to take risks. We encourage the children to be self-aware, have empathy for others and play an active role in the development of their community. We want them to feel a sense of pride in their world so that they learn to respect and care for it.


We follow a Growth Mindset approach to learning and aim to encourage all children to develop skills for life-long learning.


We follow the national curriculum guidance appropriate to your child’s stage of learning. When your child starts school in the reception class they will follow a curriculum in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Teachers plan work and assess children using Development Matters as guidance for appropriate developmental steps.


In Years 1 and 2 (Key Stage 1) your child will begin to work within the National Curriculum. Staff plan a curriculum that suits the needs and interests of the children and this is a developing process as no two classes are ever the same!


Each year group follows a curriculum of skills and knowledge that is based around a theme or topic. This may last from 1 week up to 5 or 6 weeks depending on the theme and the needs of the children. We believe that children learn best through first hand experiences so we try to make visits to places of interest and purpose, and also invite visitors into school. This helps to create real experiences for the children and also gives them an understanding of how their skills could be used in real life jobs.


We ensure that the curriculum offers enrichment opportunities and all children take part in a programme of multi-skills and dance. Year two have just begun to experience a Forest School Programme and they also have opportunities to learn to swim at the local leisure centre.


Some curriculum areas are taught as discrete subjects but often subjects are taught all together as a more creative approach. We also encourage your child to contribute to their learning by suggesting ways to develop topics and ideas, completing independent research and by contributing learning from home.


It is important to us to work in close partnership with our parents and carers so that together we will recognise and celebrate all of our children’s achievements.