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Home School Agreement

Home-School Agreement


The school is committed to its duty of care for all pupils.  We strictly follow our policies on Child Protection, Health & Safety, Bullying, Racism, Equal Opportunities and Attendance.   To this end we request that you inform the school office if your child is going to be absent or if they have sustained any injuries at home.



School Staff will:

Encourage your child to learn the teachings of the Catholic Church

Follow the Mission and Values to be good role models

Help to raise your child’s confidence and self esteem in a safe environment

Provide a sound education based on government guidelines

Encourage your child to achieve their full potential

Talk to you about your child’s progress


Children will:

Arrive at school on time

Come to school wearing correct school uniform

Take part fully in PE and have PE kit in school

Look after school books and bring these to school

Follow our Anne Line Mission Statement


Parents or carers will:

Support the schools intention to help the children learn the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Support our Anne Line Infant School Mission Statement

Work in partnership with the school to help your child achieve their full potential

Attend parent consultations

Support the school in all aspects of it’s life

Ensure your child attends school punctually every day

Report to the school on the first day of any absence

Support the school in raising attendance levels by not booking holidays in term time

Ensure their child wears correct uniform