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Speaking & Listening

Speaking and Listening

We want our pupils to:

  • Speak fluently, confidently and clearly.
  • Adapt their talk for different audiences both in formal and informal contexts.

  • Follow and give simple and coherent instructions.

  • Be aware that spoken and written language is different

  • Become aware of structured speech, expression, intonation and sentence construction.

  • Respect and listen to other opinions

  • Become increasingly aware of when it is appropriate to use Standard English in whatever accent or dialect they speak.

  • Use speech to extend and support their thinking.

  • Use talk and collaboration in problem solving.

  • Ask questions when necessary.

  • Be aware of when to speak and when to listen.

  • Listen attentively and respond appropriately


Implementation strategies;

  • Speaking and listening is central to all teaching
  • Storytelling language through “Talk for Writing” is a focus in all year groups
  • All children’s contributions are valued.
  • Talk partners are used across the curriculum
  • Children are encouraged to evaluate their learning and to share their ideas.
  • High level vocabulary is overtly taught through role play and modelling in EYFS and through phonics sessions in KS1
  • Circle time games and activities
  • Role play corners and puppets.
  • Story sacks and story boxes.
  • Drama groups perform and interact with the children in workshops.
  • Visits to the theatre to see performances
  • Specialist visitors discuss their work or life – authors, fire-fighters, nurses etc.
  • Adult volunteers share books with the children, discussing characters and valuing the children’s opinions
  • Homework -  parents are encouraged to discuss and work with their child.
  • The EYFS programme and the National Curriculum for English provides for particular skills that must be taught  in the infant years.
  • Trips encourage talk and open ended questioning.
  • Assemblies where children are encouraged to take part.

Printed copies of this page can be provided free of charge upon request from the school office.