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Curriculum Statement for Science


The enquiry based Science curriculum at St Anne Line Infant School gives children the opportunity to be inquisitive, to explore and find out about the world around them.  The children carry out practical investigations, have the opportunity to research information, use a variety of equipment and resources and gain first-hand experiences in the classroom and out.  




We intend for the children to build key foundational knowledge and scientific skills, to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity and question the world around them.  Our children will be equipped with skills to predict, analyse, evaluate and be able to communicate their findings in a variety of ways.  Our children will draw upon their own experiences and make connections between science and other curriculum subjects such as Computing, Design Technology and Art.







We provide a wide range of purposeful, high-quality resources and equipment and begin our units of learning with an enquiry question.  These questions have been carefully designed to enable pupils to direct their own investigations and follow their own scientific lines of enquiry within the learning intention of the unit. 


We directly teach scientific skills such as how to correctly use magnifying glasses so that children can then use this equipment in their own scientific enquiry.  Skills and knowledge are planned to be progressive across the unit, year and year groups to ensure cumulative fluency.