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Learning Mentor

Mrs Syms is St Anne Line Catholic Infant School’s Learning Mentor.


Mrs Syms supports children in the school to overcome any issues that might be stopping them from learning as well as they could. She can also support children’s parents and carers with any issues that are affecting the family’s home life or in supporting their children.


Mrs Syms can offer children a helping hand to…

  • Settle into school or a new class.
  • Overcome friendship issues.
  • Make some positive choices when they feel they are constantly getting into trouble.
  • Learn about and develop their social skills.
  • Cope with difficult times or changes in their family life.
  • Cope with the loss of a loved one.
  • Deal with emotions they are experiencing and express them in an acceptable way.
  • Raise self- esteem and confidence



Parents, teachers and even the children can ask her for help.

There are also times throughout the school year when she works with all children.


If you have any concerns about issues that may be having an impact on

your child’s learning or their relationships at school, please contact Mrs Syms.


Tel: 01268 524263